The Soul

In search of techniques and methods for a wholesome, organic and free life.

I am
Josephine Adam

Matriarchalische Masseurin 

Bewegungskünstlerin I Schwingungswesen I Traumainformierte und sensitive Raumhalterin I Ver- und Entwicklungsspezialistin,

kurz gefasst: Seelenhebamme. 

Passionate and heartfelt I explore the world of sound for years. The beginnings of my acoustic exploration root back in studying old music and playing the recorder as well as Cembalo. Later on I get introduced into the work with tuning forks developed by the english pioneer of sound and energetics Peter Goldman. All the while I continue to get confident with the sound of my voice and discover the heart beat of the earth through my self-birthed drum.

My journey eventually lead me to Thailand, where I immersed myself in the world of yoga and plant medicine as well as trauma work, and to New Zealand, which allowed me to grow by virtue of its nature. I am gardening and crafting, gaining experience with a herd of horses and learning to know and use the very own bush plants.

Back in Germany the journey into my bones continues. Throughout my apprenticeship for Lomi Lomi Massages I am understanding connections of the seen and unseen in even greater depth than before. Further, I am studying and practicing methods to weave body, mind and soul together. The plants, Mama Natura and the moon cycle in all its facets belong to my most appreciated teachers. 

Der weibliche Zyklus selbst und der Ruf meiner Gebärmutter trägt mich wieder fort. In England erweitere ich meine Massagepraktiken sowie mein Wissen um weibliche Gesundheit und Sexualität mit meiner Lehrerin Clare Spink, Gründerin von Empowered Feminine. Das Wissen bleibt in diesem Zusammenhang nicht nur kognitiv, sondern wird verkörpert. Wird greifbar. Wird echt. Um dass etwas greifbar wird, muss es auch auf materieller Ebene manifestiert und verdaut werden. Die Verbindung von Massage und Wissen eröffnet diese Chance. Und ich bin Feuer und Flamme diese Schätze zu teilen.

Alles in allem habe ich festgestellt, dass meine Aktionen für mich und mittlerweile meine Sitzungen mit Klienten ein tiefes Grundmuster in sich tragen. Es ist die Geburt der Seele zurück in den Körper. 

I am still and always impressed by what life has in store.

With humility and gratitude, I move forward.

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Sei laut und sei leise, sei Schatten und Licht. 

Sei albern und weise, und fürchte dich nicht. 


In my experience...

the human being is a healthy being. The point is to understand and then maintain the state of homeostasis.

The body communicates clearly and distinctly, but in its own way. Each body of each individual in its own language. Provided that we are willing to learn this language and to act accordingly, health is given as an original state.

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What I want to achieve

is to help people feel their body as a safe home, as well as to learn to read the body and to recognize it as the standard of their perception.

The techniques and methods I use are based on natural contexts and are without exception cause-oriented - everything has its reason. Perfection and wholeness are basic principles, of which listening is an essential part.

First we listen, then we speak. First we observe, then we paint. First we see, then we understand.

My experience with movement, safe touch and sound weaves a net that warmly catches every soul.

My education & training

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