Perceiving vibration as expression of the world and transforming trauma into dreams.

What is trauma?

Trauma is described as everything that has happened too much, too fast, too suddenly, mostly on a physical and/or emotional level, and cannot be processed by the organism in the moment. The consequence is sometimes a loss of consciousness for certain parts of the body or in extreme cases for the body itself. In other words, a partial or complete split between body, mind and soul.

Children and teenagers are particularly affected because they absorb the world primarily emotionally, as the mind and mentality develop later. Such conditions do not have to become apparent immediately.

Often individuals live on like this for years, even decades, but with a fissured, unstable nervous system, which sooner or later expresses itself in so-called diseases, susceptibility to infections, obesity, fertility disorders or other physical as well as psychological symptoms. In addition, the will and the decision-making power of a traumatized being is considerably disturbed, since fear is the strongest driving force due to the permanently alarmed nervous system. Not only decisions, but the entire everyday life and way of life are now motivated by fears and uncertainties, only hardly by the real, free will, which acts in states of steadfastness and a deep trust in oneself and the world.

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Treating trauma

Within primal cultures or matriarchal communities, special care is given to traumatic events.
There are practices and knowledge on how to help a person process trauma.
Integration work means taking parts that have broken apart back into the whole picture - creating awareness where it was once split off as a protective mechanism of the organism to be capable at the moment of trauma. In modern language: It is about balancing the nervous system. 

Sound, Plants and Energy

Spagyrik is known as a part of homeopathy, whereas indeed it is its mother. Hence, the origin of Spagyrik lies in the complex medical system of Paracelsus 200 years before the emergence of homeopathy. In Spagyrik we get three, rather than just two, dimensions of the plant. Three steps of manufacturing are necessary: Fermentation brings forth the power of the plants' body, destillation her soul and calcination her spirit. All woven togehter in the end, reflected in the name of greek origin 'spao' meaning 'to separate' and 'ageiro' meaning 'unite'. Why it is so helpful to use this kind of medicine? It is just simple as that the therapist can't be there for you actively 24/7, but the plants can... The effect is magical as well: The frequency of the plant rules her character, which is supporting the human in a gentle natural way yet deeply powerful and life changing. Briefly, it is quantum physics, and pure joy!


Anwendungen, die Traumaintegration einbeziehen, werden von integrationsunterstützenden Empfehlungen und Praktiken begleitet. Zur Session gehört eine Einführung und Erklärung von Integration, sowie ein Flyer mit ersten Praktiken für den Alltag.

The trauma-focused treatments are based on holistic principles and designed to meet the individual right in this specific moment of time. Included are next to body work also methodical discovery of core wounds and the support of spagyric plant wisdom.

Ein besonderer Fokus in meiner Arbeit richtet sich auf Urwunden in Bezug auf Geburtsaufarbeitung and Sexualität aus. Willkommen sind Frauen sowie Männer, die Blockaden, Unzufriedenheit oder Unwohlsein in ihrer Sexualität empfinden. 

Der Fokus in Bezug auf Geburtstraumata stammt aus meinem Verständnis von physiologischer naturgegebener Geburt und der darausfolgenden Beobachtung, dass im System der Geburtshilfe keine physiologischen Geburten mehr stattfinden können und somit Mutter als auch Neugeborenes Störungen im Hormonaustausch und Rhythmus ihrer eigenen Geburt erleben. Dieser Umstand führt zu einer Reihe an physischen, vor allem aber emotionalen Disharmonien, welche im Untergrund Taktgeber für die Handlungsweisen des Menschen sind. Die Aufarbeitung der eigenen Geburt bedeutet also eine Befreiung längst vergessener Verletzung und eine Wiedererinnerung ans Urvertrauen und bringt Zuversicht, Willensstärke and Lebenskraft.

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The trauma-informed work by Clare Spink combines Entangled Roots Therapy and Rhythmic Massage and focuses on integration of emotional, transgenerational or early-childhood trauma.

We are going to work through different stages with a variety of methods during one session. Leading to a very individual experience each time.

 The essence and key is to touch all layers of being from body to soul to mind. The body is as important as creating conciousness to hold the story as the body is keeping the energy of trauma in the structure of its cells. Releasing trauma means ultimately releasing the stored energy in the bodies system.


I Finding the theme

II Finding the root cause

III Concious release of the story and Reclaiming the power

IV Body work

V Integration and Recalibration, optional spagyric

Da die Sitzung sehr individuell verläuft und die Geschwindigkeit der Energien äußerst unterschiedlich sein kann, arbeite ich mit einer Staffelung:

Level 1 (90-120 min)

Level 2 (150-180 min) 

In einem telefonischen Vorgespräch klären wir, in welche Richtung es geht, und welches Level für die Auflösung der Themen angebracht ist. 

 Drei Tage nach der Sitzung halten wir zudem noch einmal Rücksprache bezüglich der Nachwirkung der Anwendung.


The method is certified at Think Tree Hub.

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